Book Review- The Complete Guide To The Flute and Piccolo

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The Complete Guide To The Flute And Piccolo by J.James Phelan and contributions by Lillian Burkart.

Massachusetts: 163 pp.

I strongly believe that every musician should be capable of doing repairs on their instruments to some degree.  Just like being able to change a flat tire on your car musicians should be able to do some sort of emergency repair on their instruments.  I am a big fan of The Complete Guide To The Flute and Piccolo because it covers every aspect of the flute like maintenance, mechanical functionality and repairs.  It also contains all the necessary instructions to perform from the smallest task of swabbing out the flute to more technical procedures such as disassembly, padding and fine adjustments.  This is a must have book for every flute and piccolo players library.  At over 150 pages their is enough information to get you started working on your own flute!  In my next post I will cover the tools and materials needed to get started.  Subscribe to be notified of up coming post!


Chapters include:

The Modern Boehm Flute

Do’s and Don’ts

Tuning, Scale and Acoustics

Anatomy, Materials and construction of the Flute

Disassembly and Reassembly

Swabbing, Cleaning, Polishing and Lubricating

Padding, Corks, Felts and Adjustments

Advanced Mechanical Repairs

The Head-joint

The Piccolo

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