South Bend 13″ Restoration

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I traded in my new Grizzly lathe for a 1966 South Bend and I never looked back.  It took me about 2 months to completely restore this old lathe.  I took it all apart so that I could clean it, remove all the old felts, re-oiled and put a fresh coat of paint.  It was a lot of work but when it was all done I could proudly say that I did all the work to make this lathe look and run like it did in 1966.

New Plates ordered from:
Randy or eBay screen name “dt38k”

Paint used:
Dupli-Color DE1651 Cast Coat Iron
Dupli-Color DE1634 Low Gloss Black
Can be bought online or walk into your local “Pep Boys” and “Advanced Auto Parts”

New belt ordered from:

New oil cups and misc. screws:

Special Thanks To Martin Jacobson for supplying the colors he used on he’s restoration. Check out his site… He did an awesome job on his lathe.
Jacobson Fine Handmade Acoustic Instruments

Music by the one and only:
“With Imagination” Harry Connick Jr.
“Come By Me” Harry Connick Jr.
“It Had To Be You” Harry Connick Jr.

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