Why is it that as soon as you put the word repair after the word instrument we freak out and forget that no one knows your instrument better then you do?  I remember when I was sixteen I had no problem disassembling my old Bundy saxophone so that I could clean it up and make it look as good as my friends brand new Yamaha!  I guess the old saying “ignorance is bliss” rang true for me.  Not knowing that I could cause more problems made me so care free and in my mind an “expert” saxophone disassembler!IMG_0635

I’m Adam Martinez and I’m here to help you change that.  I want to show you how to NOT be afraid of your own instrument.  To be able to do simple or emergency repairs as well as more technical repairs if you so choose to.  No one knows your instrument better then you do because your the one that plays it all the time.  Today you become the “expert” and together we will fix your instrument!